Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation is pleased to announce the marriage of its I.D. parts feeding technology with its programmable indexer.

New from Centricity, the VERSA-STACK Parts Handling System allows the user to create stacks of different components (sub-assemblies) in a simple to install modular system.

Utilizing the Patented Feedscape™ I.D. feeding technology in conjunction with the MS Series™ Indexer, creating stacks of various parts has never been simpler.

The Feedscape™ isolates and feeds each component directly from a bowl feeder, spring feeder, etc…, and guides them on a series of progressively indexing pins positioned on the outer edge of an MS Series™ Indexer dial plate. Once the stack is complete, an escapement deposits the stack to the final fixture, pick and place unit, robot, or other mechanism.

Since both the Feedscape™ and MS Series™ Indexer can be configured from the keypad, quick changeover from one stack arrangement to another is simple. And each stack arrangement can be different from the previous one. This allows variations, within a product family, to be assembled without tooling changes. And the inherent reliability of I.D. feeding makes the system nearly jam proof resulting in significant increases in throughput without any changes in process speed.

Centricity Corporation manufactures programmable rotary indexers, custom designed rotary tables, and ID parts feeding systems.