Robot Integration

How does Centricity’s servo indexer reduce the complexities of robotic integration?


Centricity’s indexers are simple to integrate and allow your robot’s I/O to communicate directly withour controller via industry standard 24 VDC inputs and outputs. You have ultimate flexibility, even the ability to direct the indexer to unique locations randomly to minimize or even eliminate machine changeovers.

Centricity specializes in servo indexers used in a wide range of robotic processes including welding, painting, machine tending, assembly, and many others. Centricity has years of experience and hundreds of installations in robotic systems for the manufacture of consumer products, electronics, medical devices, appliances, automotive, aerospace and defense, and numerous other applications.

Only servo indexing allows seamless integration of multi-axis robotic units with previously unachievable flexibility not available with mechanical indexers, as well as extreme repeatability coupled with high load capacities. With Centricity’s servo indexers one can set and adjust the number of stops, adjust move times, change direction, set torque limits, and many more features. These types of adjustments are accomplished with a few simple keystrokes and no programming experience is required.


Rapid and repeatable positioning of parts plays a key role in successful robot integration. Even the best robots depend upon the indexer moving rapidly and positioning parts repeatedly. Centricity’s servo indexers are sized to optimize move time, and are designed with exceptional repeatability of better than +/- 30 arc seconds. Push button fine adjustments allow the user to dial in key fixture locations without physically moving the indexer or process equipment.

If integrating robots is what you do best, then consider partnering with the leader in servo indexing to get the best return from every dollar that you invest in automation. Let Centricity handle your indexing need by providing a complete package that includes the indexer, motor and drive, feedback device, cables, and, simple to use software for setting up your indexer for multi-stop indexing, reciprocating motion, continuous motion, and even random positioning with discreet I/O.

Centricity’s line of servo indexers include flexible yet economical EZ Indexers, sophisticated MS Series servo indexers with multi field bus capabilities, and Accuring custom rotary tables. A wide array of models and sizes are available for parts weighing ounces to tens of thousands of pounds.

Centricity also offers a complete line of open-center servo indexers with integrated rotary unions and slip rings for routing air, fluids, electricals, and communications directly through the center of the indexer.

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