Reciprocating insulated indexer provides open-center architecture with high load capacity

GIRARD, OH – Centricity Corporation, in Girard, Ohio, announces a new line of open-center, high capacity, indexing tables for reciprocating (two-position) applications.

The OT Series indexer features a large diameter open-center, for routing utilities or ancillary equipment such as robots, pick and place devices, etc. The OT was developed to address applications that require medium to large load capacities with the advantage of a large open-center.

Supplied with an electric or optional all-pneumatic drive, the indexer is insulated to isolate the drive components from electrical transfer in operations such as welding and testing. With its’ optional all-pneumatic drive, the OT Series meets the demands of explosion-proof environments, such as painting.

As with all Centricity indexers, the OT Series comes completely assembled, wired, and tested. Just connect power, bolt on the dial plate, and you’re ready to go.

For Applications in: Welding, Brazing, Assembly, Inspection, Dispensing, Packaging, Robotic load/unload, Testing, etc.

With diameters ranging from 24 inches to larger than 12 feet, Centricity has an OT Series indexer to match your needs. Call today for a quotation, or to learn more about this new product.