PacePro Rotary Carousels


Centricity powered and non-powered rotary carousels are designed to optimize parts storage and retrieval. Rotational movement of the carousel positions parts to a common removal point, thereby eliminating travel time. PacePro carousels are ideally suited for pick to light/put to light systems, machine tending, high capacity tool changers, kit making, storage and retrieval systems, and many other processes. Storage compartments are easily configured to accommodate your part sizes and shapes. PacePro’s are available in sizes ranging from table top to large capacity systems.

Non-powered PacePro’s are ergonomically designed for ease of operator use. By manually rotating the carousel, parts are brought to the operator and travel time is eliminated. Throughput can be maximized and effort minimized, by strategic positioning of “high traffic” parts.

Powered PacePro’s are ideally suited for integration with robots, PLC’s, and PC’s. Pick to light, robotic machine tending, high capacity tool changers, and many other automated processes can be seamlessly integrated with the PacePro.

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