MS Series Servo Indexers

MS Series Servo Indexers
The MS Series indexer is a high precision, highly flexible servo indexer designed to work directly with today’s PLC or PC control systems. Available in five standard models and dozens of sizes, the simple to install MS Series can handle loads from grams up to tens of thousands of pounds, with dial diameters from 8” to over 240”.

MS Series indexers can be fitted with brakes, secondary gear sets, dial plates, and machine bases.


MS1000 Direct drive indexer – ideal for low inertia applications requiring very high accuracy. Comes standard with Centricity’s Drive/Control Package.
MS2000 Center-driven geared indexer – near zero backlash gearing for high inertia applications requiring superior accuracy and load carrying capabilities.
MS2500 Center-driven geared indexer with external bearing set – near zero backlash gearing integrated with a high capacity external bearing set for very high inertia applications requiring superior accuracy. Ideal for very heavy loads and large diameter dial plates.
MS4000 Open-center geared indexer – near zero backlash gearing with up to 4.70” diameter thru-bore for passage of fluids, electrical, or both.
MS4500 Open-center geared indexer with external bearing set – near zero backlash gearing integrated with external bearing set with up to a 23” thru-bore, for mounting of ancillary equipment, pedestals, and monuments.

All MS Series Indexers are available with Centricity’s highly flexible Drive/Control Package. This package includes the servomotor, digital AC servo controller with multiple field bus capabilities (networking), absolute position feedback, touch screen pendant (no programming required), and GEN-3 software. GEN-3 software contains simple to use functions such as dynamic home adjust, extensive fault recovery routines, simple indexer, spin, and teach mode set-up, selectable motion smoothers, move and dwell torque functions, configurable user output(s), and many others. Contact Centricity for detailed information on the Drive/Control Package.

General Indexer Selection Guide

Series No. of



Output Torque








MS1000 4 13.5-405 50-150 0”
MS2000 8 1,000-78,000 325-5,500 0”
MS2500 24 1,000-78,000 34,000-42,000 0”
MS4000 6 1,700-55,500 1,250-6,500 0.98” thru 4.70”
MS4500 18 28,000-44,600 34,000-42,000 Up to 23.0”
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