DL Series Servo Indexers


Centricity Corporation announced the release of the DL Series of submersible servo indexers. The DL Series features IP68 construction to be dust tight and protect against continuous submersion in water and other fluids up to 1 meter.

The DL Series is designed to work with today’s PC and PLC systems and offers the most popular features of servo indexing including indexing, reciprocating, and continuous motion, clockwise or counter clockwise rotation, adjustable move time, electronic torque limiting, and other features that provide outstanding servo indexing flexibility. The DL Series is a complete indexing package including the rotary chassis, servomotor with digital AC servo controller, position feedback, cables, and i-series control software that runs in a simple to use Excel spreadsheet on a standard laptop. There is no programming experience necessary, and unlike traditional servo applications no tuning is required.

Available in a variety of sizes, the simple to install DL Series can handle loads from

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