Large Diameter Indexers for Automated Assembly

Girard, OH – When a Midwestern manufacturer of filter assemblies needed twin large diameter rotary indexing tables, they contacted Centricity Corporation located in Girard, Ohio. With Centricity’s experience in building large diameter and high weight capacity rotary indexers, a solution was quickly developed.

The rotary tables were driven by Centricity’s Model MS25G-2300 programmable indexer mounted in a fabricated steel machine base. The indexers included Centricity’s “Operator Configurable” touch screen pendant, absolute position feedback, integrated power-off brake, and a large secondary external bearing to provide support for the cantilevered dial plate assemblies.

Fabricated 15’ diameter dial plates were constructed utilizing a combination of precision ground steel plates, aluminum spokes, and ground aluminum mounting plates for mounting of Centricity supplied fixtures. Design and construction of the dials permitted ease of disassembly for shipping, and simple on-site reassembly with assistance provided by Centricity personnel.

Several standard touch screen features were utilized in the application including; single station indexing – multiple station indexing – and skip station indexing. These coupled with the touch screen selectable advanced fault recovery routines, made the installation truly “plug and play”.

Performance specifications for flatness, move time of 1-1/4 seconds for 15 degrees, and repeatability of +/- 0.010” at a 13.75’ fixture mounting diameter were all exceeded.

Centricity Corporation manufactures programmable rotary indexers, custom designed rotary tables, and ID parts feeding systems.