Product Announcements

Centricity EZ Flex Conveying Systems

Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation today announced the release of the EZ Flex™ line of servo powered linear positioning and conveying systems…a high precision in-line belted system powered by Centricity’s EZ Indexer™ providing the ultimate in flexibility at affordable prices.

The highly repeatable EZ Flex™ comes complete in standard lengths or can be built to your requirements. Belts are available in a variety of materials with bolt-on or welded-on tooling made to your specifications. Easy to use touch screen pendant requires no programming experience. Features include adjustable move time, dynamic home adjustment, electronic torque limiting, and selectable motion profiles including indexing, bi-directional, reciprocating, continuous, and teach mode. (more…)

Centricity AutoTurn Rotary Platforms

Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation today announced the release of the AUTOTURN™ line of powered and non-powered large diameter high capacity rotary platforms.

Non-powered AUTOTURN™ rotary platforms are designed for human powered rotation, making them ideal solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications where utilities are not available or desirable. The low-profile design has an overall height of less than 3”, and above ground installation is simple. The modular design of the platforms ship standard freight for diameters exceeding 25’. (more…)

Centricity Announces Submersible Servo Indexer for IP68 Applications

Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation announced the release of the DL Series of submersible servo indexers. The DL Series features IP68 construction to be dust tight and protect against continuous submersion in water and other fluids up to 1 meter.


Centricity Corporation Introduces External Axis Control From Your Robot Controller

Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation, in Girard, Ohio, announces External Axis Control capability within its line of high precision programmable indexers. Now all the features of the popular MS Series and AccuRing Indexers can be accessed utilizing the external axis within your robot controller. (more…)

Centricity Introduces Elevating Rotary Indexing Table

GIRARD, OH – Centricity Corporation, in Girard, Ohio, announces its elevating rotary indexing table. Already known in the market for its complete on-site configurability, Centricity now offers an affordable highly flexible indexer that can “raise – index – and lower” over critical tooling.



Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation is pleased to announce the marriage of its I.D. parts feeding technology with its programmable indexer. (more…)

Centricity Corporation announces the, The Disc (Belleville) Spring-Parts Handling System.

Based on the patented Feedscape technology, this system eliminates the need to manually count, inspect, or even create Belleville spring subassemblies.


Reciprocating insulated indexer provides open-center architecture with high load capacity

GIRARD, OH – Centricity Corporation, in Girard, Ohio, announces a new line of open-center, high capacity, indexing tables for reciprocating (two-position) applications.


Centricity Corporation introduces the MS Series line of low-cost, high-precision programmable indexers.

GIRARD , OH – Centricity Corporation, in Girard , Ohio , announces a new line of high precision programmable indexers for small to medium positioning and rotating applications. The MS Series represents a new direction in servo driven indexers. Supplied standard with an easy to use LCD pendant, MS Series indexers can be configured right out of the box with no programming experience, because there is no programming language to learn. Changes can be made right from the pendant, with all parameters in simple English such as Move Time, Number of Stations, and Move Direction, instead of confusing terminology like Velocity and Acceleration. The MS Series indexer was developed so that even non-engineers can easily make use of its extensive capabilities. Supplied completely assembled, wired, and tested, just connect power; bolt on the dial plate and you’re ready to go.


Centricity Corporation introduces the AccuRing HCT Series 1 Indexer

The Low-Cost, High-Capacity indexer for general purpose positioning of Heavy loads.