About Centricity

Centricity Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision servo index drives, custom rotary tables, rotary pick-to-light systems, and I.D. parts feeding systems, was founded 1992 in Girard, OH. Our company was founded by engineers skilled in the design and construction of factory automation systems.

Centricity Corporation

The Centricity product line was developed to simplify the complexities of factory automation with “plug and play” features providing flexibility and control for the most complex and demanding applications. Over 25 years of automation experience is built into every EZ Indexer and MS Series Servo Indexer, Accuring Rotary Table, Pacepro Rotary Pick-To-Light System, and Feedscape Parts Feeding System.

Centricity’s greatest asset is that we speak your language. Our history as designers and builders of automation equipment has provided the expertise to understand the challenges that you face and more importantly to enable you to realize your automation objectives.

We have worked with many premier companies including Northrop Grumman, The Hoover Company, U.S. Postal Service, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The Swagelok Company, American General, Hoffman Enclosures, Harley Davidson, as well as many others to solve a variety of challenging problems.

We work extensively with machine builders, OEMs, and end users in automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, packaging, electronics, as well as many other industries. Centricity has the products and experience to make your design life a little easier. We thrive on difficult applications and have provided solutions for welding, painting, dispensing, assembly, waterjet cutting, stamping, and many other processes. Centricity’s highly trained staff of design engineers, electrical engineers, application engineers, and sales engineers will assist you in selecting the best indexing or parts feeding system solution for your machine design. Proprietary products and software as well as state of the art 3D design ensure that the system selected meets your requirements for accuracy, speed, load capacity, and life expectancy.

From conventional to complex, Centricity will work hand in hand with you to provide the best possible solution.

Let Centricity assist you in overcoming the limitations of conventional indexing and parts feeding

PacePro Rotary Carousels
Centricity powered and non-powered rotary carousels are designed to optimize parts storage and retrieval. Rotational movement of the carousel positions parts to a common removal point, thereby eliminating travel time.

Fully-field configurable Rotary Indexers
Indexing-continuous motion-teach mode. Complete drive package with touch screen pendant. Sixty models available including large open-centers.

Field-configurable Rotary Indexers
Complete with i-series Drive/Control Package. Continuous motion,1-63 stop indexing, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, variable move time, move and dwell torque settings, and jog to set home position. Two sizes available.

DL Series Servo Indexer
Submersible Servo Indexers
Centricity Corporation announced the release of the DL Series of submersible servo indexers. The DL Series features IP68 construction to be dust tight and protect against continuous submersion in water and other fluids up to 1 meter.

Custom designed Rotary Tables
Custom machine bases, dial plates, slip rings, rotary unions, and many other options. Diameters can exceed 35′ with weight capacities over 100,000 lbs.

Patented I.D. Parts Feeding Systems
Eliminates shingling-flip-over-and lost parts, and removes the need for expensive pick and place units. Flexible inexpensive tooling is capable of processing “families” of parts.

EZ Flex
Servo powered Linear Positioning System
The EZ Flex™ line of servo powered linear positioning and conveying systems are high precision in-line belted systems powered by Centricity’s EZ Indexer™ providing the ultimate in flexibility at affordable prices.

Powered/Non-powered Rotary Platforms
Centricity Corporation today announced the release of the AUTOTURN™ line of powered and non-powered large diameter high capacity rotary platforms.

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