Centricity Supplies “Spin Table” for the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Girard, OH – When Hadi Navid, Section Supervisor – Environmental Test Facility, Applied Physics Laboratory at The Johns Hopkins University needed to “spin test” assemblies, he was faced with the decision of either purchasing an expensive long lead time centrifuge, or out-source the testing. Since neither of these options was appealing to Mr. Navid, he began exploring other methods of testing.

Mr. Navid began working with Centricity Corporation located in Girard, Ohio, to develop a low cost high capacity “indexer” that would provide the flexibility the testing required. “We needed a tester that would spin assemblies from 15-115 RPM within a couple of tenths of an RPM, and still have the flexibility to set motion profiles,” said Mr. Navid.

In conjunction with Bob Miles, General Manager of Centricity, a programmable variable speed tester was conceived that incorporated those requirements, in an affordable, short lead time machine.

The final product was an adjustable speed indexer incorporating a slip ring, counter balance system, and full program motion profile from a touch screen pendant. “The indexer supplied by Centricity gives us the flexibility to successfully complete our tests. The touch screen pendant allows us to pre-program a motion profile, make adjustments on-the-fly, and even hold at any RPM to monitor test results,” stated Mr. Navid.

Centricity Corporation manufactures programmable rotary indexers, custom designed rotary tables, and ID parts feeding systems.