Centricity Corporation Introduces External Axis Control From Your Robot Controller

Girard, OH – Centricity Corporation, in Girard, Ohio, announces External Axis Control capability within its line of high precision programmable indexers. Now all the features of the popular MS Series and AccuRing Indexers can be accessed utilizing the external axis within your robot controller.

Most industrial robot controllers can be equipped with an additional external axis card which is managed by the robot controller. This capability has several advantages.

  • Space savings and less wiring since no additional control hardware and software is required.
  • Nothing new to learn.
  • Coordinated motion between the robot and indexer is easily accomplished.
  • Processes can be improved/optimized with the synchronization of the indexer and robot. I.e. load parts while indexing. This is possible since the motion profiles of robot and indexer are monitored and managed by the same controller.
  • No new motor/drive manufacturers for the end user to approve.

Supplied assembled and wired. Just connect power, bolt on the dial plate, and you’re ready to go. There is nothing else to buy. Imagine the productivity improvements possible when running multiple setups on the same indexer with no change-over time.

Centricity Corporation manufactures programmable rotary indexers, custom designed rotary tables, and ID parts feeding systems.