Centricity Corporation announces the, The Disc (Belleville) Spring-Parts Handling System.

Based on the patented Feedscape technology, this system eliminates the need to manually count, inspect, or even create Belleville spring subassemblies.

GIRARD, OH – Centricity Corporation, Now there is a new, faster, affordable way to feed, orient, and stack Belleville springs (and other cylindrical parts). With the PHS1000, parts are fed from a vibratory feeder bowl, to a parts flipper, down a Feedscape rod and lastly, to the point of use. Each part or component can be counted, inspected or selectively turned over as required, regardless of incoming orientation. Parts can also be arranged in stacks, in any combination of face up or face down attitudes, error-free. And the entire stack can be released together and routed to the desired deposit point.

With the PHS1000 system:

  • Vibratory tracks and escapements are unnecessary and in many cases part placement equipment (pick and place) is not needed.
  • Tooling is low cost and simple to make.
  • Part jams are eliminated, unlike vibratory track systems, because there are no tracks.
  • Part to part dimensional variation has no effect on system performance.
  • Vertical feeding of parts can result in major floor space savings.
  • A Compact, bench-top mounted unit is standard.
  • Series, Parallel, and Series-Parallel stacks can be created in any combination with as large a stack as needed. And the stack configurations are keypad selectable.
  • Parts counting and/or stack inspection and packaging are easily accomplished.

Also appropriate for other parts handling applications such as: Ferrules, Seals, O-rings, Spacers, Bushings, Conical springs, Nuts, Washers, Sub-Assemblies, etc. – just about anything with a hole in it.

Contact Bob Miles at Centricity Corporation (330-545-5624) for a quote or a complete discussion on applying our patented, parts handling technology.