AccuRing Rotary Table Provides Solution for Demanding Aerospace Application

Centricity, located in Girard, Ohio, announces its latest release for its open center, programmable rotary tables. Demanding conditions in the Aerospace Industry led to the development of this high capacity, extremely precise rotary table.

The application required infinite position control for an X-ray inspection process for a 10,000 lb.rocket engine. The flexibility of the AccuRing Rotary Table programmable drive system allows the engine to be rotated into any position required for inspection. Radial positioning of the engine is controlled from either the hand-held operator pendant, or a parallel based PC system.

The standard open center of the AccuRing allows for the mounting of a telescopic scanner for the vertical inspection of the interior of the engine. The specially designed base permits operator access to the telescopic scanner for routine calibration and maintenance operations.

Installation of the table significantly reduces inspection time as well as providing precise location control resulting in an improved inspection process.

All AccuRing Rotary Tables offer extreme weight capacities, outstanding positional accuracy, large open center, and they are assembled, tested and delivered complete including the tooling ring (machined to the customer’s requirements), base, pendant control, and all drive components.